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At Adagio we strive to provide nothing less than extraordinary dining experiences, even in these challenging times. The wellbeing of our guests and our team is our main priority, so you can feel safe during your visit.  


We have created and implemented a series of additional measures, approved by our safety consultant, aimed at reducing the risks of infection, which include the following:


Enhanced Cleaning Standards

We always aim to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness during this challenging time
we’ve enhanced our processes still further. 


Public areas

All our public areas are being cleaned even more thoroughly than our
usual standard and we are cleaning surfaces more frequently


Hand Sanitizers

You will find hand-sanitizing stations in all public spaces


Eco -Friendly

We clean Adagio with approved cleaning agents from EcoLab.

Not only are they scientifically approved they are also eco-friendly

Personal Hygiene & Social Distancing


Wear a Mask

All guests and our staff are required to wear a face mask when entering the restaurant space and when moving inside all public areas including our restaurants  and our event spaces

Social Distancing

Please remember to maintain social distancing in all public areas

Our Team

Our team is trained in hygiene protocols that prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to help you feel safe and every team member is required to stay home if feeling unwell

Whilst our team will be wearing face masks while in close contact with you, we assure you they nevertheless welcome you with their brightest smile, just undercover :o)

Our Team & Green Pass

We are happy to announce that as of 15th of October all our staff have got their Green Pass. Our team strives to create a safe and sanitized environment while doing out part in ending the Covid-19 pandemic. While the pandemic is not over yet, it gives us hope that we are one step closer to putting this past year behind us

Your Green Pass Requirements

Please be aware that a Green Pass is necessary to eat and drink at Adagio.  The Green Pass is a digital or paper certificate showing vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 infection or a recent negative Covid-19 test. Please ensure you have this with you as we will be required to decline entry to you if you cannot produce your Green Pass when requested

Person Limitations

We are required by law to limit the number of persons in certain areas like in the elevator and at the restaurant tables.  Our staff is trained in the applicable numbers and is happy to assist you


Feeling unwell?

Please do not enter Adagio when your body temperature is above 37,5°. We provide a temperature control station in the lobby and in our staff area too. We will help direct you to a doctor to get tested if necessary



We continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely and follow the recommendations of our local health authorities.


Let’s do this together!